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About Charvinity

Charvinity is delighted to announce an exclusive collaboration with Maria Shaw in the year 2024, promising attendees an enlightening and exhilarating experience during the convention weekends.

Char has strategically partnered with a selection of highly skilled and exceptional local readers and healers, ensuring an array of premium services will be available throughout the entire weekend. This collaboration represents a unique opportunity to engage with the most talented individuals in the field, promising attendees an unforgettable and transformative event. Your participation is not just an invitation but an investment in a weekend filled with insight, joy, and personal growth. Join us in this extraordinary journey at the convention weekends for an experience like no other.

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Drawing for an Exclusive Gift Box at the fair.

Fill our loyalty card while at the fair and be eligible to enter the drawing for the amazing gift box! 

Fill as many cards as you like. Paid services are required. 


Give Away

Gift Bags

Our readers and healers have created a gift bag full of amazing goodies for the first paid 25 attendees each day! 

Meet The Practitioners

Prebooking with your favorite practitioners before the fair guarantees your spot for services.
Ask them about the prebooking/prepaying amazing promotion they are offering. 
Saturday May 18th Agenda  

9:00am - 5pm
$10 admission fee

10:00am- 11:30am
Joe Lawson Event Ticket Exclusive

12:30pm - 2pm
Maria Shaw Weekend Pass Event

1p.m. - 2p.m.
Joe Lawson Event Ticket Exclusive

FREE Session

Experience a world of enchantment and empowerment with over 20 locally gifted Readers and Healers during the Charvinity Psychic and Healing Fair $10 at the door. 

Extreme Seance' with Joe Lawson.
He's back! Joe will offer his popular voices from beyond gallery session. Audience members may hear the voices from their loved ones in heaven use the paranormal devices to communicate through. Separate ticket needed. 

Luckiest Day of the Year!

Maria Shaw will speak on how to activate the Jupiter/Sun Conjunction in your own life But she has also has a brand new lecture she is offering with information that has never been shared before to take your ability to become prosperous to a whole new level. Maria promised to take her lectures to a deeper level this year and the techniques she will share are not only eye opening but will enhance and lift your ability to manifest abundance to a whole new level.

Maria will also lead us on a group manifesting mantra to send our wishes to the heavens to connect with the powerful conjunction at the exact moment it peaks. Included in Maria's Premier Pass or Weekend Pass purchase. 

Manifesting at the Magic Moment with Joe Lawson.
Maria will speak of the once every year lucky astrological aspect. Now Joe will take it further and at the exact moment of the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter, guide you in a manifesting group session. The powerful energy of the group combined with the exact peak of planetary energy, will solidify your intentions and wishes like no other time in 2024. Please don't miss this!

Casey Constant- Group Past Life Experience
Through regression hypnosis, Casey Constant will be guiding the group through a past life which is affecting them in this current life. The experience is similar to a guided meditation which will reveal the past life in which the most pertinent message or healing is required for each individual. Since there is no speaking required by the individual clients using her 30 minute hypnotic method, Casey is able to simultaneously guide many people through this healing journey at one time. After the journey through the past life, there will be time for everyone to fill out a session report with the details they experienced during their journey, as well as a short amount of time for a couple people to discuss with Casey the details of what came through during their past life regression. While sharing their story the client will receive some guidance and assistance in connecting the dots as to why they may have been shown that past life by their subconscious.

Sunday May 19th Agenda 

9:00am - 5pm
$10 admission fee

10:00am- 11:15am
Maria Shaw Event Ticket Exclusive

FREE Lecture

FREE Lecture


Experience a world of enchantment and empowerment with over 20 locally gifted Readers and Healers during the Charvinity Psychic and Healing Fair 

Crossing Over Gallery with Maria Shaw
Maria will connect with loved ones from the other side who have messages for those int he audience. 

Nancy Randen -Transforming Your Goals into Reality 

In this class we’re going to talk about your vibration and how to shift it into a higher perspective for you to accomplish what you are set out to do in your lifetime. I will include some tips and tricks on how to keep your vibration high and recognize when it’s low.

Paul David Stanko- Everyday Tarot
Do you have a tarot deck just sitting around with no idea how to use it? This lecture by Paul David is designed to address that very problem. Paul David will take the uncertainty about doing readings for yourself and your friends as he shares some secrets on how you can tap in and gain Divine insight with the deck you already own.

LIVE Broadcast Episode GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun. 
We will broadcast LIVE from the Charvinity Psychic & Healing Fair with Maria Shaw’s Minneapolis Convention. We will be talking with the practitioners from the event with a Q&A from the audience and questions from the listeners.
GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun is a nightly paranormal
radio show airing on KTNF AM950 running M-F at 10:05pm. GhostBox Radio is excited to be airing this special live event on Sunday May 19th.
E-mail: Listen Live Streaming:
Watch Live:  Website:
Twitter: @mnghostbox

Check out the Digital Event Guide for all the classes, lectures, and practitioners that will be at both events all weekend long! 

With clickable links for each practitioner to prebook your session now! 

Maria brings a wealth of knowledge and unforgettable experiences at her conventions. Tickets for Maria's Lectures and Classes are separate from admission fee for

Charvinity Psychic and Healing Fair admission. 


Join us May 18th and 19th 
9am to 5pm both days

Doubletree by Hilton Minneapolis Airport Hotel
(formerly Marriott Minneapolis Airport Hotel)
2020 American Blvd. Bloomington, MN 

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